About The Homestead at Lotus Creek

A little word about us, the Kemp family. We're third generation graziers who have been in the area for 52 years. Our family-operated business is positioned just a few kms down the road from The Homestead. Our ties to Lotus Creek go way back to the 70's when David can remember buying a paper bag full of lollies for just a few cents, or selling homegrown eggs for a bit of pocket money.

If you know the area, you'll remember the old Lotus Creek Service Station which for decades was an iconic stop for fuel, milkshakes and ham-and-cheese toasties. Then came Cyclone Debbie in 2017 and it was knocked out of action, leaving no stopping point for travellers on the stretch of highway between Marlborough and Sarina.

Living remotely there's a lot you learn to live without, but we felt the community needed a connection point, a central hub to bring everyone together, and a destination for those travelling through.

So when Lotus Creek Tourist Park hit the market, the prospect of bringing some life back to the place was exciting… although easier said than done!

For us, this is a completely different industry and has definitely been a huge step outside our comfort zone. We thank you for the messages of "we can't wait" or "it's going to be great" on days when we wonder what we've got ourselves into. These are a real encouragement.

We'll see you around the ridges.

~ The Kemp Family

Lotus Creek Homestead IMG 1709
Warm Welcome From the Kemps
This spot is magic and will quickly become a favourite. Think camp fires, marshmallows, kids laughing, splashing in the creek, kayaks, paddle boards... such great fun to be had. If you're driving past be sure to pop in and check us out! We can't wait to serve you some country hospitality.
The Kemp Family